Why You Should Paint Your Brick House 


Should I paint my brick house? What are the benefits of painting brick walls? Are there concerns with painting brick?

These are some of the questions on the minds of brick house owners. There have been endless debates on whether brick houses should be painted or not. This article aims to give you reasons why you should paint your brick house while addressing a couple of common concerns raised by those in favor of not painting brick. Brick houses are still fairly common. They have a certain natural look and feel to them. They are also highly durable. We believe brick houses ought to be painted.

Painting a brick house is beneficial for the following reasons –

  • Aesthetics
    Painting transforms the look of brick and makes it appear more beautiful. This is particularly true for old bricks. It gives a fresh look to a worn-out home. When the right colors are used, painting provides a good, visually appealing contrast to the home.
  • Increased market value
    In case you’re considering selling your home, the painting will impart a newer look. With a better appearance, the market value of your house can increase. Painting your brick can help with that.
  • Protection from the elements
    Paint helps preserve the building from damage by external factors such as corrosion, precipitation, and other physicochemical factors. This will make the brick last longer.

  • Ease of cleaning
    It’s easy for dirt to get trapped within the natural holes in brick. Over time, so much dirt may accumulate that it becomes difficult to get rid of. Painting a brick wall makes the surface smoother and easier to clean.

What are the main concerns with painting brick?

One of the key worries with exterior painting on brick is that moisture can get trapped between the brick and the paint. Over time, the paint is destroyed and the wall damaged by the moisture. This can be prevented when optimum care is taken with the painting process. Moisture mainly gets into the walls through leaks, holes, or cracks. These should be properly sealed before the paint is applied. Also, you should apply primer on the brick wall before painting. This wraps around the pores and ensures the paint adheres better to it.

It’s advisable to employ the services of professional painters, such as the ones we have at Yanover Painting. Professionals are more likely to identify and address issues with the walls that might cause moisture trapping. Using the right type of paint is also important in preventing water from accumulating within the bricks. The professionals know the right type of paint to use. One that allows water to seep out of the wall, but not in.

Also, painting is a permanent process. Once the paint has been applied, it’s difficult to remove without affecting the bricks negatively. However, this shouldn’t be too much of an issue. If you’re aware of the benefits of painting brick and you’ve settled for them, why would you want to return to plain brick? This just implies that you need to be sure of your stance before you apply that coat of paint to your brick walls. With occasional power washing, the paint can be maintained for a long time. There’s always the opportunity to repaint a new color.

Hopefully this answered the question of “should I paint my brick house”. If this sounds interesting to you, then go ahead and consider it some more. Also, consider reaching out to the experts for more information. Perhaps we can help you make a decision. Yanover Painting is always available for advice!

We’re also available for painting services if you decide to go for this. Exterior painting of a brick wall requires some level of expertise for the best results. Reach out to us for more information by calling 678-321-9807.

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