Brick house with a man on a ladder painting it.

You’ve been planning for a new coat of paint for months from the colors your house will be painted in, to the painting company who will get the job done. The only decision left to make is when to paint your home. Since warm weather is already putting this thought to the forefront, we’re here to say that we fully agree. Spring is one of the best times to get your home’s exterior painted and here are the top reasons why.

Housing Market

Spring is one of the busiest seasons for the housing market. If you’ve been looking to sell your house, painting it is a cost-effective way to ensure you see a return on your investment. This is because a new coat of paint saves buyers an extra step in doing it themselves. It also increases the curb appeal of your home. If it’s been a few years since you’ve repainted the exterior, a new coat will make your home look fresh, attracting buyers even before they step foot into the house. Better aesthetics and an increase in value are the top reasons why painting in the spring will get you ready to put your house on the market.

Foliage and Landscapes

One convenient aspect of spring is that there is plenty of space and access to get your home properly painted. Early in the spring, flowers, trees, and bushes have not bloomed yet. This means your professional painter can work in a completely unobstructed space. You won’t have to worry about trimming down your bushes or flower petals blowing in the air and becoming stuck to the side of your house. This makes the entire process easier for you and your painter.

Convenient Timing

It’s no secret that as the weather gets warmer, we also get busier. With upcoming vacations, summer activities, and all the outdoor events to enjoy, it can be tough to nail down time to get home painting done once the warm weather is here to stay. It also isn’t fun to put a pause on your routine to get the house painted. If you paint during the springtime, your home will be ready for you to enjoy once the summer rolls around.

Good Temperatures

While summer is known for hot temperatures, sometimes it can get too hot or too humid to ensure a good day a painting. Spring, however, comes with relatively mild and steady temperatures that give you many options to choose from. Extreme heat can cause paint to dry too quickly which leads to cracks and peels. You aren’t having to deal with the intense glare of the sun during the spring, which is why we recommend getting something scheduled before your painter’s schedule fills up.

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