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Spring cleaning lists are at the top of our minds. We know that tasks get away from us much easier in the winter months. This is why we understand that spring is the time to start getting busy again, checking off chores on our to-do list and tackling projects we’ve wanted to complete for months. While you’re finalizing all your spring cleaning, be sure to add “painting” to that list. There are several reasons why painting your home should be included as a spring-cleaning task. Here’s our insight into why that is.

Outdoor Entertainment

We all know that soon we’ll be firing up the grills, opening up the pools, getting back to gardening, and doing all of the other spring-related activities that we enjoy. Don’t wait until these are all in full swing to circle back around to update the look of your house. While you’re busy cleaning up the clutter and making the space look new again, give the same consideration to your home. There’s nothing like hosting guests or enjoying the outdoors once you know your home is taken care of and ready to welcome the spring season with you.

Winter Damages

You never know how your home will come out looking like after a long winter. Even though we don’t deal with much snow or frost, colder temperatures and storms are still weather conditions that metro Atlanta is familiar with. Excess moisture can trigger mold and cause the paint on our homes to peel or flake.

Once winter is over, take time to inspect your house and repair any damage you find. A new coat of interior or exterior paint can do wonders for a home. It gives you a new look to enjoy and refreshes the entire house, making it look as if it were just constructed.

Better Prices

Most painters will tell you that winter is the slow season for exterior house painting which makes sense since the weather is more unpredictable and less than ideal for painting homes. However, once the warm weather starts to peek through, painters know that people will start thinking about repainting. As you get further into the season, you’ll find that demand increases, which also means more competitive pricing. This can be the best time to take advantage of the deals that professional painting companies are offering homeowners from free quotes to extended warranties.

Best Painters

Spring is also the best time to ensure that you’re getting the best painters around to get the job done. As the painting season picks up, you’ll find that more and more professional painters will have booked calendars. If you get your quote early on and have your paint day scheduled in advance, you know you’ll be able to get your ideal painter in at your convenience.

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