Where to Start When Tackling a Whole Home Renovation

So, you are thinking about renovating your house and starting to get excited about all the potential there is when you realize that a whole home renovation is a big project. In areas of Atlanta, Brookhaven, and Dunwoody, neighbors are takin their 1950’s home and adding a modern flare to stay up-to-date this competitive real estate market. While you will run into plenty of questions, problems, and situations that require adapting, one of the biggest obstacles to face is knowing where to start. Whole home renovations are no small matter. Therefore, it is important to get all the details down before turning your house into a construction zone.


Budget is really your big limiting factor when it comes to home remodels. There is a lot to consider when it comes to spending from demolition to design to customizations. Discuss this with other family members who will be contributing and come to an agreement on what you’d be comfortable spending. You’ll also need to include an additional 10 to 20 percent to help cover anything that takes you by surprise along the way. 

Start with Fundamentals

While it is exciting to work on structural add-ons and redesigning kitchens, sometimes you need to tackle the necessities first. This means working on parts of your home that have been begging for your attention. If this means fixing water damage, installing new plumbing, or addressing peeling paint, do that first and then move on to changing up the look of the home. 

Professional Help Versus DIY

Determine whether you are going to carry out the home renovation projects or if you’d rather hire professional help. While it is possible to DIY some things with the help of the internet, you need to understand it could take additional time and money on your end to finish out a project. Professional contractors know exactly what they are doing, have the tools ready, and are experienced enough to know what to do when they run into problems. You can always hire people for the major rework and complete the smaller projects on your own. 

Acquire Permits

While minor projects like repainting don’t need it, if you are planning anything larger for your home renovations, you will want to look into obtaining permits from city and state offices. Some things that would need a permit include any structural changes, plumbing, electrical work, or new windows. Without these permits, you would not be allowed to start on your project so make sure you apply for them far in advance. Some permits can be obtained in a few days while others can take weeks.

Create a Timeline

You will want to create as clear of a timeline as you can for your projects. When you are doing renovations there can be unexpected events along that way that can cause you to need more time than expected. For example, your supplier may not have inventory right away, your contractor has found an issue, etc. Having a timeline to follow can help you stay as on track as possible, and you can always modify as needed. 

Looking for Some Professional Advice?  

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