When to Have Vinyl Siding Painted

Exterior painting is one of the best ways to switch up the look of your home. It’s like plastic surgery, but for buildings. Painting your vinyl siding is one of the easiest and most effective ways to go.

Painting Vinyl Siding

If you’re wondering “can you paint vinyl siding?”, the answer is yes, absolutely you can, and you should!

This is recommended not only to switch up your home. It’s also a great way to save costs on fixing old vinyl. Instead of replacing it, you could just throw on a fresh coat of paint and it’d look good as new.

For that, we endorse the repainting of vinyl siding!

When to Have Your Vinyl Siding Painted

The ideal time to get your vinyl siding painted depends mostly on the temperature and weather conditions. As with all forms of exterior painting, these two things must be considered before painting your vinyl siding.

Firstly, how paint dries depends greatly on the exterior conditions at the time of painting. It’s best to paint during dry and warm days.

It’ll dry fastest here, plus, you don’t have to worry about the rain washing off your paint. The weather conditions BEFORE you paint also matters greatly.

If it rains a few days before you intend to paint, the temperature won’t be suitable for your vinyl siding to be painted. It might still be a bit wet and the paint won’t dry well. Just be sure to keep an eye on the weather channel.

A suitable day for painting vinyl siding is one where it doesn’t rain for several days before and after painting.

Also, be wary of the temperature. If it changes significantly within days, this could be a problem for you. Quick drops in temperature after the paint has been applied could significantly affect the curing process, resulting in a rough finish.

On that note, you’d have to consider the climate of where you live. Generally, the best time for vinyl siding to be painted is early summer or early fall. These provide the most suitable weathers and temperatures to allow for a good paint job.

Below are important things to note before repairing vinyl siding paint or installation of a new one:


Warranties are not always honored by some vinyl siding manufactures if the vinyl siding gets painted, and this also goes far brand new vinyl siding.

Therefore, a specific warranty of the vinyl siding in your home should be checked to discover if the warranty will be contradicted by paint. 


Home exterior painting is pretty expensive. Painting your vinyl siding may not provide a long-lasting solution to your home’s need for an exterior touch-up. This means you’ll have to repaint in a few years.

Also, you must consider the cost of having your vinyl siding painted, including the cost of materials that will be used.


If you’ve decided to paint your vinyl siding, the color being used must be given careful consideration.

It’s also advisable to go with a color that matches or is lighter than the current color of your siding. This is because they retain less heat than darker colors, therefore, can withstand premature warping.

Since we’re on the subject of paint, now would be a good time to tell you to always go for acrylic paint when painting vinyl siding. This will stick better, irrespective of the expansion and contraction of vinyl.


You can provide your home with new energy savings by adding insulation to the new siding, this will help keep heat where it belongs.

Most insulation is permanently attached to the back of your vinyl siding and is great for energy efficiency, and enhancing the appearance of the paint job.

Painting your vinyl siding is a great home improvement scheme. You can reach out to Yanover Painting if you want an expert to come to check if your vinyl siding needs painting or a replacement. We’ll also help you out with painting your vinyl siding.

With our painting experts on all sides, you can rest assured that all your painting needs will be handled, from choosing high-quality paints to interior or exterior painting, and other painting services.

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