As warm weather becomes more consistent, many of us are looking ahead at our schedules and trying to plan out the ideal day to have paint contractors put a new coat on our home’s exterior. While any summer day that doesn’t involve rain may seem perfect, we’d recommend giving it a second thought before picking the hottest day of the month.

Especially here in Georgia, where temperatures can get pretty high, we want to be mindful of the days that are considered too hot for painting.

Ideal Painting Temperatures

Any painting professional will tell you that it’s never a good idea to paint when it is too cold or too hot outside. In fact, the ideal temperatures fall somewhere between 50 to 80 degrees for acrylic paints.

When it gets too hot outside, the paint will not go on the surface as well. This is because high heat can “bake” paint and dry it too quickly. When this happens, the paint can end up with an uneven and rough texture. Rather than a smooth surface of color, you’ll be looking at an exterior that looks cracked or blistered. To avoid peeling paint, it’s best to avoid high temperatures.

High Humidity and Paint

It isn’t just high heat we need to be aware of. We should also look at the level of humidity when we’re working on an exterior paint project. Just like temperature, there is an ideal range to stay within in order to have the best outcome.

Humid weather affects paint because it doesn’t allow it to dry properly. With so much moisture in the air, it is difficult for the moisture in the paint to find a place to go. In addition, high humidity can also create condensation on the surface of our homes which can cause it to look streaky or faded. It also doesn’t help paint adhere properly to the surface.

You’ll want to schedule painting on a day where the humidity is between 40 to 70 percent. This will keep the paint, and your new home’s exterior, happy.

Best Plan of Action for Painting on Hot Days

We’re more than familiar with the kind of weather we potentially face on any given painting day in Georgia. This is why the best strategy here is to be proactive. High temperatures not only have an impact on your home, but they also create harsher conditions for our painters to work in. To combat this, we employ tactics like beginning the painting process before the sun is too high in the sky. We make the most of those cooler mornings to get what we can done before it heats up too much.

We also try to start on the west side of the home first and move with the sun as it travels the sky throughout the day. This keeps the newly painted surfaces in the shade and out of the direct view of the sun.

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