Paint samples in all colors of the rainbow

Start with Décor

Rather than picking out paints first, pick out (or reexamine) your furniture first. Decide which pieces you will keep and swap out in the room and choose a paint color that reflects them. It can be easy to be overwhelmed with thousands of paint choices and it is also easy to fall in love with multiple colors. Finalize your décor first and you can choose a paint color that will highlight the current room.

Use Testers

Paint companies provide tester kits that will help you clearly visualize how a color will look in your home. After you’ve narrowed it down to a few choices, buy testers in a few shades that you can bring home and paint on larger test areas of your walls. This is also a smart idea because it can save you money and gallons in the long run if you decide on a different color.

Draw Inspiration from Surroundings

There is inspiration all around you from the flowers and trees in your yard to magazines to sentimental objects. There are lots of sources out there you can pull ideas from. Start saving up what you like and categorizing to catch the styles that match your taste.

For those that are struggling, you can start with an inspiration piece and build from there. Use these to center your design thoughts and you’ll find that you can pull together a room more easily than you thought.

Never Go Wrong with Neutrals

Colors are a great idea for homes, but they also play a role in the statement a room makes. If you want to keep the attention on your furniture, wall decorations, or other details, going with a neutral color is a good bet. This allows the rest of the room to speak and shine for itself.

If you’re still looking to incorporate color, you can use it in rooms like the bathroom since most of the pieces in a bathroom are already neutral. Bold colors work well here because they are able to contrast well with what is going on in the rest of the room.

Consider Lighting and Other Elements

You don’t want to pick a paint color, only to be surprised later about the way it appears in your room. Lighting and other aspects of the home can have an effect on how your colors turn out. It’s not just furniture to account for. Think about floor colors and trim when you make your decision.

It’s also a good idea to consider the artificial and natural lighting you will have in the room. Depending on whether your lighting gives off cool or warm tones, you may end up adjusting colors. Rooms that face east or west can have either cool or warm lighting depending on the time of day so you can be more flexible with paint in these areas. Southern-facing rooms, however, tend to have warmer lighting which means a cooler paint color can help balance out the yellow tones. Rooms that face the north are the opposite and will have cool blue or grey lighting. This doesn’t mean you can’t pick cooler colors; it just means they’ll be emphasized even more and may make the room feel less welcoming.

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