Painting the exteriors of commercial buildings is a project that is much larger in scope than a residential home. It requires additional prep work and planning because it affects more than just a couple of individuals. Hiring a professional is important for these projects because they have the knowledge and experience to be deliberate in their approach to getting the job done well and efficiently. Here’s how Yanover Construction in Atlanta, Georgia will prepare your space beforehand.


One of the first things your commercial paint contractor will do is inspect your building’s surface. They are looking at the current condition and checking for signs of wear and tear, rot, mold growth, or other damage. Painting a large, commercial building is a big project and you don’t want to have wasted your efforts by not finding damage and making repairs ahead of time. Your paint contractor wants to ensure the paint will go on smoothly so anything that is deteriorating or will affect the quality of paint will be addressed.

Strategic Schedule

Whether you’re painting an office building, dormitory, or other facility, you are no doubt going to run into some type of conflict with those who need to utilize the space. The goal is to minimize any interference with the regular schedule. Commercial buildings can see plenty of foot traffic throughout the day which can leave areas off limits to the paint crew and extend the timeline of the project. The painting professional will have the best plan of action for handling this whether that means scheduling multiple days of painting or implementing a scheduled shutdown.

Monitor and Maximize Airflow

Something to account for when painting is airflow. Paints, primers, and any other chemicals used in repairing and repainting a building can release potentially toxic fumes into the air. The key to minimizing these odors and keeping you and the paint crew safe is by creating adequate airflow. Most of the painting crew will be working outside but those who are going about their day inside may be disrupted. The best way to handle this is to keep doors and windows open where possible and have your HVAC system inspected to make sure it’s working properly before the painting.

Space Preparation

Finally, the physical space will need to be prepped for painting. This means putting down tarps, covering up windows, and moving items that may get in the way. For example, if your parking lot is located along the side of the building, the crew may tape this area off and request that you instruct your employees or others to park elsewhere for the day.

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