While the appearance of the inside of our home’s is important to us, the outside makes an even bigger deal. The outside of our home is what most people will see when they’re passing by or the first impression when they’re browsing homes to buy. You want to pick colors that look great in the neighborhood, against the surroundings, and on its own. We’re here to give you some tips on exterior colors that go best together.

What to Think About with Exterior Paint

Before you go into picking your color palette, you should take in all of the details of your home. Colors on your home don’t stand alone. They also need to complement the style of your home, the aesthetic you are going for, and the area you live in.

If you have a historic home, you can refer to specific, preferred palettes from the historic period or hire an expert to recreate the shades for you. Something more modern will look great in neutral colors. At the same time, look at the landscaping around your home and try to pick colors that will help your home stand out while also complementing the area. If there are lots of greenery and plants where you live, you can pick from browns or greens whereas homes by the water can pick from blues and grays.

Finally make sure to pick from color palettes that will look great with the features of your home as well. This means taking into consideration your roof color and the material your home is constructed from. Brick and stone may not be painted over and should have colors that harmonize well with their natural colors.

Exterior Colors That Pair Well

Now that we’ve gone over what to keep in mind, we can move on to sharing some palettes for exterior paint that look great together.

Navy and White

Picking a dark color to pair with a light color is usually a safe bet. This is because one serves as the base while the other color works as a highlight. The white color can be used for trim, porches, and other wood details.

Gray or Blue and Cream

This is a classic color combination that is both sophisticated and comforting. You can pick warmer tones of gray to give your home a welcoming feeling.

Neutral Paint Colors and Brick

Neutral color schemes look great with red brick homes. The natural color of the brick already does the job of standing out so the whites, grays, and blacks will tie it all together.

Pastel and White

Soft lime, peachy rose, or a robin’s egg blue are all soft pastel colors that create a whimsical tone especially paired with white trim. To make it look classy, go with shades that are less saturated and make sure to balance it well with the complementary color.

Looking for Some Professional Advice in Atlanta?

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