What Colors Should You Get Your Garage Door Painted?

A fresh coat of paint for the exterior of your house shouldn’t end with just the walls or vinyl siding. It should go further to include the exterior doors, the window trims, and of course, the garage door.


The garage door is often large. The look of your garage door should agree with your home’s structure, and be aesthetically pleasing.


The choice of paint – color and type – are important factors when painting your garage door. As much as painting is important here, you’ve got to be careful.


Your garage door should probably be appealing and simple.

Painting Your Garage Door

When going for exterior painting, the quality of the paint and the methods used to paint, are not the only factors to be considered. The right preparation for exterior painting matters a lot.

The first thing professional painters do with the exterior painting is to make sure the surface is ready. This would prevent the paint from coming off within a short time, or having cracks.

Such preparation includes sanding, washing, and priming the garage door before painting.

What Colors Should I Paint My Garage Door?

Wondering what color to paint garage doors? Well, there’s no single color that is best here. But one thing’s for sure. Don’t just choose a color because it’s your favorite. Imagine a neon green garage door. Bad idea.

That said, here are a few acceptable options –

Go for White

No surprise there. This might just be the most popular paint color for houses. It works great as interior paint and just as great as exterior paint.

The garage doors are not left out. A white garage door would complement whatever color the rest of the house is painted.

Choose the Same Color as Your House

Time for some monochrome beauty

This is a bit tricky because most houses don’t have just one color. There’d typically be a dominant color, a trim color, and an accent color.

If you go for the dominant color, it would appear like your house is bigger, and this would divert people’s attention to other corners of your house.

This is often a good idea. So, a gray house would get a gray garage door…classic!

It also works especially well with primary colors. A red brick house, for instance, would look amazing with a red garage door.

A White House

This deserves special mention because of the endless possibilities here. If your house is painted white, well, have at it when it comes to painting your garage door.

A few recommendations here include black, because, why not?! You could also do neutrals such as gray or brown.

Then there’s blue, red, or yellow. Notice anything here? These are the primary colors. They’d go so well with white. However, be sure to tone them down. Avoid using very light shades of these colors.

Think Neutrals

It’s such a safe thing to do here, but it’s highly rewarding. Neutral tones will work great for your garage door. They are especially toned down and won’t interfere or clash with any other part of the property.

That said, consider different shades of gray, beige, taupe, and brown.

Consider the Material of Your Garage Door

This significantly affects the color you decide to paint your door or even what you do with the garage door generally.

For instance, a wooden garage door already has that natural “wooden” color going for it. Consider just applying a translucent coating on it to keep it clean and fancy.

Hopefully, you’ve got an idea of what color to paint your garage door. The next step would be to get ready for the actual painting.

Leave that to us. Even if you’re not so sure of the color yet, we can also help you here. At Yanover Painting, we’ve got expert interior and exterior painters who can help you figure that out.

We’ll also provide you with the best quality paint for your house, as well as the actual painting services.

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