What Color Walls Go Well with Dark Wood Trim

When painting your home, one of the most important elements to research is design trends.

Surprisingly, one of the most popular design trends available today is dark wood trim. It was common years ago to have natural wood trim, and it seems to be making a come-back. It’s a great way to add to the beauty of your home while also hiding any imperfections in drywall or plaster. If you’re looking to get started with choosing an accompanying wall color for dark wood trim, you should first look for the underlying tones in the wood. This will help you choose a paint color that will go well with it.

To help you get started, here are some options from Yanover Painting in Brookhaven, GA that you can consider:


White is one of the most popular colors for interior designers to use on walls. It is a beautiful and bright neutral color that helps complement dark wood shades well. It can help add light and cheer to a room and brighten your interiors when paired with dark wood.

If your wood trim is highly varnished, consider using a low-sheen white paint. This is because high-sheen paints will clash with shiny, varnished wood.


Orange can serve as a nice complementary color in a room that is decorated with wood. It can help energize a space and make it more uplifting to spend time in. However, make sure that the shade of orange you choose is not too bright.

Overly bright or saturated orange can make the room look too loud. Instead, a lighter shade, like peach, is a lovely choice.

Dark Reds and Maroons

If you’ve got a wood-trimmed room, adding dark red or maroon walls can result in a Victorian feel to space. It can also add layers to the room, especially if it is decorated in a dark color scheme. Choose the shade of paint depending on the trim color.

However, make sure that you don’t choose a shade that matches too closely with any reddish tones that might exist in your wood trims. This will result in the wood matching too closely with the walls and not being as visible to viewers.


Yellow is a vibrant, welcoming color that makes for a great choice when decorating a room with wood trim. This is because it reflects warm tones in the wood, resulting in a cheerful and sunny space. This is particularly emphasized if the room receives a lot of natural light.

Choose a shade of yellow depending on what impact you want your room to have. A lighter shade, for example, can be a restful color. On the other hand, a brighter shade can make the room feel exciting and full of energy.


Gray can make any room feel both calm and elegant. It is an effective alternative if you don’t want to use white or beige but still prefer a neutral shade for your room.

Depending on the wood used for your wood trim, a shade of gray can help bring out the wood’s tones. If you’re confused as to which shade is best for your needs, choose a dove gray. This shade pairs well with most woods.


Yanover Painting in Brookhaven, GA will guide you in making the best wall color choice that complements your trim. If you are in an older home that still has wood trim, you may want to keep it. If you are looking to brighten the space with a lighter trim, Yanover Painting can help. Once you’ve found the perfect shade of paint to go with your room, you will truly be able to bring out the beauty of your wood trim. Don’t worry about being limited in your options – as you can see, you have the world of colors available to you!

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