Changing up your home’s interior based on the season can help brighten up the mood of a space. The kitchen is a busy area of the home with families running in and out to prepare for their day, packing lunches, making meals, and having family time. To match the upbeat vibe of a room you’re in all of the time, why not go for a new coat of paint? Here are some suggestions for summer colors that will brighten up the whole kitchen.

Light Blues

Blues may not be an obvious pick for “bright” summer colors, but this is a great one to go with to emphasize that transition from spring to summer. This is a color that brings more light into a room and makes the space feel large and open similar to how a neutral or white paint color would. It’s also a great color for pairing with some bolder greens and blues like teal, emerald, or turquoise.


You can’t go wrong with a yellow kitchen in the summer. This color is an instant mood booster and brightens up a room immediately. It is friendly, welcoming, and lighthearted, something that many of us will appreciate as we rush through our morning routines and move around the kitchen while managing busy households and stressful schedules.


Many people are shifting towards greens as a refreshing color to add to their home. Green kitchens are becoming popular all over and is a great way to create a calm atmosphere that promotes health. You can go as dark or as light as you’d like depending on the mood you’re trying to create. A lighter, herb garden green is one of bringing the beautiful outdoors inside. This color is associated with scenes of a lush, green planet as well as healthy fruits and vegetables, making it great for promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.

White and Exposed Wood

There’s nothing like a wide open, white space to bring some calm and cool to your summer day. White reflects light, making your room feel larger than it is. It doesn’t hold onto the heaviness of a hot day and is a great way to create a space where you feel like you take a breath of air. This is a great color to match with those who have beautiful, natural wood accents in their kitchen counters, cabinets, shelves, or islands.

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