Living and dining area with white couches and a bar area

With spring knocking on our doors, many of us are also getting the urge to start on home improvement projects that will refresh our living space and bring about a new atmosphere to our house. There are endless project ideas that you may have no idea where to start. A few choices come to mind when it comes to our top spring remodels. Check them out below!

Finish Your Basement

If you haven’t had the opportunity to finish your basement yet, take this as a sign to get started! A finished basement adds extra entertainment space to your home. Use it as a home theatre, game room, a second kitchen and bar space, or even as a guest suite. It also boosts the appeal of your home if you ever decide to sell in the future. Rather than leaving your basement to collect dust and store boxes, transform it into something your family can use almost daily.

Upgrade Your Floors

Do you have carpet that’s seen its fair share of traffic or even tile or hardwood floor that’s worn down throughout the years? Take this spring to give this part of your home some TLC. We often forget that our floors need attention even though they deal with plenty of running feet, spills, pets, and other things in our homes. If you’re looking for a modern remodel, take out the carpet and get it replaced with sleek tiling or make your home feel even cozier with classic hardwood.

Remodel Your Bathroom

Bathroom spaces are often neglected even though we spend plenty of time in them when we’re preparing for a new day, relaxing after a long one, or trying to get our kids through their bedtime routines. A new bathroom can really make the difference in creating a space that is even more convenient and relaxing. For example, you can replace your small, cramped bathtub with a walk-in shower and tub that functions as a wet room or brighten up the space with colorful walls or fun tiles.

Design an Outdoor Living Space

We are all dying to go outside to enjoy that fresh, spring air. Why not make the most of it by designing an outdoor space that will keep you enjoying the spring and later summer weather for hours on end? We are talking about redesigned patio spaces fit for BBQs and late-night movies, screened in porches to enjoy your backyard or create an indoor/outdoor garden, or pergolas for that perfect brunch ambiance.

Splash on a Fresh Coat of Paint

If there is one thing we are always for, it is a new coat of interior or exterior paint. A new color can create an entirely new atmosphere for your home. Whether you are wanting to come back to something bright by painting your home’s exterior or finding some peace and calm in your home’s interior, you can’t go wrong with picking out new colors and changing up the coats on your home.

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