Our Atlanta, GA paint crew is excellent at what we do. To make paint day easier, we recommend preparing your home so that professional team members can get started right away. This involves moving, covering, and cleaning so that your home is completely ready for its fresh coat of paint.

Protecting Your Furniture

Small furniture pieces that can be moved out of the way should be. This means taking all of your lights, coffee tables, and other lighter household pieces out of the space that is being painted. It may be more difficult to move larger furniture like couches, beds, or dining tables. The best you can do in these scenarios is to cover the furniture as best as you can with old sheets or a large cloth and move push them into the center of the room away from the walls.

Clearing Off Your Walls

You’ll want to keep any decorative hangings or family portraits out of the action on painting day. Make sure to remove these from the wall beforehand to save yourself and the paint crew some time. You can store these in a container for the time being and replace everything once the paint has dried. You can also take this opportunity to remove the plates on the wall outlets, so these don’t get stained with drops of paint either.

Covering Your Soft Furnishings

Any rugs, throws, or curtains that could get ruined should also be rolled up or folded away. Removing these fabrics can also make it easier for Yanover Painting to patch holes or make repairs to the walls before they are painted.

No Electronics or Appliances in Sight

You should go through and cover or remove any electronics and appliances like your television, gaming systems, stovetop, etc. You don’t want to deal with paint getting on these expensive items or running into problems if the paint crew tries to relocate these items for you. If you are able to keep tabs on where everything is, it makes it easier to move it all back once the job is done.

Cleaning Your Walls

Dust, dirt, and other bits of debris can cling to your walls over the years and cause buildup. This makes it more difficult for paint to adhere to the surface of the wall and a chance for lots of blemishes to appear when painting. Take the time to clean the walls with some water and detergent and also clear out any dust or cobwebs that might be hanging around. Give yourself a few days before paint day to get this done since it will need some time to completely dry.

Looking for Some Professional Advice?

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