Designing new aspects of your outdoor living space can bring up questions. Structures that people can relax under are a great addition to your backyard but when it comes to a pergola or a roof, which option works best for you? While somewhat similar in that they create a space for you to dine, chat, and enjoy your time outside, the differences between the two is more about how they look. There are functional and cost differences between a pergola and a roof that can play into your decision.


A pergola is an exterior structure that has lattice beams across the roof that don’t block out the sun completely. It can provide shade in the warm months but still allow for a cool breeze to flow through the area. They can provide an area for your plants to a mix of both shade and sun, and they also are aesthetically pleasing.


A roof allows you to spend time outdoors without needing to worry about any elements like intense sun or a heavy rainstorm. The entirety of the space beneath the roof is covered and the sun gets blocked completely. You can add a roof and leave the rest open air, or you can screen in your porch for a more protected space.


A pergola is meant to help define spaces in your yard in a stylish way. They are not intended to completely block the sun but instead to provide protection from direct sunlight by offering shade. It is also a structure that climbing plants can grow on which can also provide added shade. There are a variety of beautiful pergola designs that can block up to 8- percent of the sun. Those who relax underneath their pergola should feel sunlight and a nice breeze.

A roof is capable of blocking a lot out especially because the materials used to make it are more weather-resistant, keeping it from getting soaked in the rain or being covered with snow in the winter.

Which One to Choose?

What you end up going with is completely up to you. There are functional and design benefits to each choice. If you want a space you can use for outdoor activities while keeping you shielded from the elements, a covered structure will better suit your needs.

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