There are lots of considerations to take into account when picking out new colors for your walls. Have you ever thought about how it might look paired with your hardwood floors? Selecting a paint color that complements our floors can take our interior design aesthetic to the next level and create a different atmosphere in the home. We’re here to offer some tips on how to choose.

Dark Wood Flooring

Darker wood floors can create too dramatic of a look if paired with the wrong colors. If you’re looking for an intense look to the home, feel free to pick out darker paint colors, however, most people would suggest using lighter tones to add some contrast. Moody homes can be just as beautiful but can take more effort and experience in order to get it to look right. Instead of going with this trend, pick out a paint that is at minimum three shades lighter than your floor to create a classic look that will outlast the trends.

Light Wood Flooring

Wood that is lighter in tone gives you the perfect hint on what color paint to choose. Light on light is a great way to open up a room in a stylish way. There are many variations of whites you can choose from with different undertones that can create a cream or yellow effect. You can also go with other neutrals such as beige or gray to keep the overall appearance light without sticking to white paint.

Gray Wood Flooring

Gray flooring is becoming popular especially among those who are looking for a modern feel. We’d recommend against choosing gray paint to pair with gray floors because it can create a dull, monotonous look to a room. Instead, opt for other shades like cool blues, white, or even pale greens. These all create a calm mood in your home and add some warmth back into the room.

Tips to Keep in Mind

Beyond the paint color, there are also other influencing factors that can help you select the perfect paint color. For one, consider the undertones of your paint and the flooring. You can choose to match warm floors with warm paints or flip it and pair something cool with something warm.

In addition, if you want color without wanting to create an overbearing room, look into the idea of an accent wall. This allows you to highlight color on one wall while keeping the rest relatively neutral giving you some creative freedom with paint choices while still creating an overall cohesive and classic look.

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