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Your home’s exterior paint doesn’t just play a role in helping your house look good, it can also do a lot when it comes to creating an energy efficient home. Colors can help keep the temperatures of our home warmer or cooler depending on what we like and what works best for our expenses.

Dark or Light?

Your home’s exterior color can impact your energy bills and your comfort throughout the day. Depending on where you live, it can raise or lower the overall temperature of your house. In Georgia, for example, we have mild winters and hot summers. We love the sun, but we need to keep it in mind when deciding on our paint colors.

For those like us who live in warmer areas, a lighter colored home is more ideal. They will help reflect the sun’s heat from your home. This can keep your air conditioner from working overtime and make it easier for your home to maintain a comfortable and cool temperature.

Those who live in colder areas should consider darker colors for their homes. Dark paint colors are capable of absorbing the sun’s energy and hold onto the heat coming from the sun. This gives your home a nice boost in help when it comes to keeping warm.

Keeping the climate in your region in account and choosing colors accordingly is a good way to save a good chunk of money towards maintaining your home’s temperature.

Colors for the In-between Zones

Not all homes fall on one side of the spectrum or the other. There are many places that have cold winters and hot summers or are mild all year round. This makes it difficult whether or not to sway towards light paint shades or darker paint shades.

The best bet for those who see all four seasons a year is to go with a balanced paint palette. You can stick with neutral colors for the main house and choose lighter or darker colors for the accents to reflect your needs. Neutrals will usually keep the heat off your home but including darker details can do enough to save you energy throughout the colder months.

What About Interior Paint Colors?

Can interior paint colors also affect energy efficiency? They can to an extent. For example, darker colored walls are better at absorbing light. This can require more wattage to achieve the look and level of light you desire for your rooms. They also keep rooms warmer during long summer days because they soak up the heat. Lighter tones will do the opposite.

An additional point to consider is how paint colors can make you feel. Those standing in a room painted in warm colors usually perceive it to be warmer than it is and those standing in rooms with cooler or lighter tones perceive it as colder than it is. Just imagine how you feel in a stark white hospital as opposed to a warm red room.

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