You might have some idea that colors have the potential to affect a person’s mood. The way you style an office space can increase or decrease the productivity of your employees. While there are many factors that go into design, paint colors stand out and make up a majority of the room which means the color palette you’re choosing could be impacting the way your employees work.


Blue is usually tied to the mind and is the color that pops up the most when people think of productivity. Those that need to stimulate their mind throughout the day will find that blue is a useful color. It is a great balance of tranquil while also encouraging people to be more productive.


Yellow is a great option for spaces that are used for collaborating. This is a positive and inviting color that encourages communication and creativity. It lifts the spirits and makes people more optimistic which is why it is ideal for productivity with designers and other creative roles.


Anything physical related can be stimulated with the color red. This is why “for sale” signs are usually in red because the ignite people to take action. This would be a good productivity boosting color for call centers, sales rooms, or conference rooms.


Green is a color that brings about balance. Since it is a color that is most common in nature, it also has the ability to bring a sense of calmness to a room. This would be an easy color to incorporate because we are very used to seeing green outside so moving it inside wouldn’t cause extra distractions.

Keep Intensity in Mind

Oftentimes intensity of a paint color plays as much of a role as the actual color itself. This can determine whether something feels soothing or stimulating to someone. For example, imagine a pale, pastel yellow as opposed to a bright, almost neon yellow. The effects are different, right? A light-yellow calms you down while a darker or brighter yellow piques your mind’s interest.

Consider the Team Environment

Different departments of your company have different goals and focuses. It only makes sense that tailoring the color of their workspace to their tasks would have a positive or negative impact on their productivity as well. For example, red feels like an urgent color and is very stimulating which can lead to intense emotions. This is not something you’d want your accounts who need to stay calm and focused on accurate numbers to see every day. But, this could be great for a sales team who needs to work at high energy levels to interact with prospects.

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