A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for your home and staying up to date with the trends is a fun way to keep your house looking fresh. We share some of our favorite tips for interior painting and design ideas that will bring an entirely new look to your home.

Contrasting Trim Color

Rather than sticking to neutral white trim colors to go with neutral walls, try picking a color that is bold and stands out. For example, if you have white walls, give a dark trim a shot such as a deep green. This can also work if you have darker walls. Pick a light trim instead. Burgundy painted walls? Try a cream or white trim.

Color Coordinating Rooms

It’s not just complementing colors that dictate paint choices anymore. People are enjoying the process of picking out paint colors based on what the space is used for. Creating dedicated themes for each area of the house from work to play to rest is a great way to add your favorite colors into the mic while also staying cohesive.

Emphasis on White

There’s nothing like the look of a monochromatic wall to create a sense of calm and continuity to your home. White on white is a great choice for making spaces feel clean, open, and welcoming. If stark white isn’t your cup of tea, go with a white that has a warmer or cooler undertone to fit the look you’re going for.

Green Paint

With so many shades that bring you feelings of elegance, nature, and comfort, green has been the color of the year. If you’re looking for something lighter go with a pastel green that brightens up a room immediately. Emerald green has also been a popular choice that symbolizes balance and growth and adds a luxurious aesthetic to any room. Those looking for a calmer tone can find beautiful shades of gray-green that promote a nourishing environment.

Standout Ceiling

Many of us have never considered painting our ceiling, but this has actually become popular in recent years and works similarly to an accent wall. You can use a solid color to really highlight while keeping the rest of your room neutral. This works especially well if your ceiling has beams or a distinct tile pattern.

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