Exterior of gray house

A new exterior paint job already does its fair share of work in protecting your home from damage. A new coat of paint is like a waterproof coat that provides a seal over the house, keeping moisture out. We only repaint our homes every few years to a decade which means we definitely want the coat of paint to last as long as possible. Yanover Construction in Alpharetta, Georgia is here to share some tips for keeping the color and paint looking as nice as it did on painting day.

Properly Prep Your Home

The first step for protecting your home’s paint is to make sure the work is put in before painting to ensure a long-lasting coat. This means getting your home’s exterior thoroughly cleaned either through power washing or scrubbing, taking the time to fix any rotting wood, removing mold and debris, and using a primer. These are all things you can do that make the surface ready to take on paint and allow the paint to adhere correctly to the exterior.

These are all things you can check with your painter before you get started. In many cases, the painting professionals can take over the power washing and recommend contractors to get repairs scheduled.

Be Cautious Until the Paint is Cured

While paint dries within it few hours, it takes longer for it to completely cure. Paint is cured when most of the solvents have evaporated, leaving behind a durable surface that isn’t prone to wear and tear. This process could take days to weeks, which is why it’s important to check the weather before getting your house painted. It’s not ideal to have high winds blowing around objects that could ram into your home soon after painting.

In addition, be more careful of your own actions in the days following as well. If you’re wheeling in your trashcan or doing some cleaning in the garage, be careful not to touch the sides of your house.

You’ll know when the paint is completely cured once it passes the fingernail test. If you press your nail into the coat and it doesn’t leave an indent, you’ll know that the paint is most likely finished curing.

Manage Your Home’s Surroundings

Keep the clutter around your home to a minimum. Your gutters should be regularly cleaned out. Anything that collects there could lead to clogs which can then cause overflow from the gutters, leading to streaks on your walls. Also, managing the greenery around your house can also prolong the lifespan of your exterior paint. Bushes, vines, and trees can all cause physical damage if they’re pressed up against the home.

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