If you have a white house, or are considering painting your house white, know that it does come with a bit more maintenance than other paint colors. White can easily be affected by the amount of dust in the air, humidity, the type of paint, and other factors.  Here’s what you should know before you paint your exterior white and how to maintain the white exterior if you do.

What to Consider

Important factors to consider regarding a white exterior can help you determine whether it is a fit for you.

First, white paint can show dirt and mildew more than other colors. If you live in an area that is more polluted or dusty, this could lead to repaints down the road. The same goes for areas that get extra light or too little light as well as lots of moisture. This can cause the paint to yellow or mildew.

While it is always recommended to use high-quality paint, this holds even more true with white paint. Yanover Painting and Remodeling will make sure your home has a good coat of quality primer on it before painting it white. Primer will help increase the life of the paint.

Finally, you can expect that white paint will require more coats than darker paints.

How to Maintain

Implementing proper exterior maintenance is how you can extend the lifespan of your exterior paint. Certain tasks, such as routine pressure washing, can help keep your house looking fresh year after year and prevent dirt and other pollutants from accumulating on the home.

Pressure Washing

Giving your home a good rinse will help maintain your home’s exterior paint color. Oftentimes there are surface contaminants that get on our home like pollen, mildew, or other pollutants that can lead to damage over time. Pressure washing your home’s exterior is the best way to preserve your home’s exterior before repainting.


Some parts of your home’s exterior paint will receive different wear and tear than others based on which side it is on and what types of elements it deals with. Touch-ups might be needed by a professional painting company every couple of years when you notice signs of paint deterioration.

Taking Care of the Whole Home

It isn’t just the exterior paint you will need to focus on. Paying attention to the rest of your home can have an impact on the quality of your exterior also. For example, your gutter system plays a big role in keeping moisture away from the house. When gutters are damaged or deteriorated, you will find that the water overflow will wear on the paint, and the siding. The same goes for any landscaping near your home that causes debris.

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