How Professionals Use a Paint Sprayer 

Painting is an excellent way of adding beauty to just about any surface. A house would be incomplete without a decent paint job – both inside and out. Painting is not the easiest of tasks. This is not to say that it’s difficult, but it does require a lot of time and repeated motions. Let’s just say, it’s not as fun for your muscles as it is for your eyes when you’re done.

You could certainly paint your house yourself, but a professional paint contractor is likely to have more expertise here.

Several methods are available for the application of paints to walls and surfaces, such as using paintbrushes, rollers, and sprayers. Many professional paint contractors prefer to use paint sprayers over brushes and rollers. Let’s learn how to use a paint sprayer by looking at how the professionals do it.

What is a paint sprayer?
A paint sprayer is a device that uses pressure to spray paints on surfaces. There are different types of paint sprayers depending on the architecture, system of generating pressure and delivering paints, and complexity. Examples include cup sprayers, air sprayers, airless sprayers, high volume low-pressure sprayers, etc.

Why choose a paint sprayer over a paintbrush or roller?

Using a paint sprayer is the most efficient and effective way to paint exteriors. It’s much faster than most other methods. With some preparation, it’s equally a good way to apply paint to interior surfaces. A surface that requires about 5 minutes to complete using a paintbrush can readily be finished in under a minute with a sprayer. Painting done by a sprayer provides a smooth and even appearance. For uneven surfaces and surfaces that are difficult to reach, spraying is the easiest way to achieve an effective painting.

Paint sprayers can achieve great results, but that’s when they’re used in the right way Just like every other successful process, using a paint sprayer requires proper preparation. This is particularly important when it is to be used for painting interior surfaces.

Protecting your room
Paint sprays form a mist in the air that eventually settles on furniture and other unwanted surfaces. Yanover Painting and Remodeling will centralize and seal off all movable items in the room. They will professionally drape the floor and anchor the drapes at the edges of the wall, the doors, and windows. All light switch covers will be removed, along with bulb holders and door handles. Yanover will ensure fans are covered as well and will seal off windows and doors.

Preparing the surface
The surface to be painted should be made as smooth as possible. Yanover will repair holes and cracks on the walls. Dust and cobwebs will be removed from corners, crevices and ceilings to ensure a clean smooth surface.

Using proper equipment
Hiring a professional painter like Yanover Painting and Remodeling ensures quality equipment will be used to get your job done efficiently and brilliantly. Equipment will be provided by the contractor, and will be tested and checked for quality assurance before your job starts which will ensure a timely result.


Why use a paint sprayer?

Paint sprayers aim to deliver smooth sprays, with each subsequent spray overlapping the initial by 50% until the painting is complete. A professional painter will avoid swinging movements as these can produce an uneven thickness of the painted parts. Paint sprayers are effective and efficient only when they’re used well. Their output is best when used by professional paint contractors.

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