How Professionals Paint a Home Exterior

We all want our home’s exterior to look great. Sometimes that means a fresh coat of paint. Before you jump in with a paintbrush and a can of paint, review these steps that professionals follow when painting a home exterior.

Make a Plan

We know how tempting it is to get right to work. But professionals will tell you it’s important to have a step-by-step plan. Exterior painting has a lot of stages and can be affected by a lot of variables, so your plan will need to suit your home. Things to consider:

  • Weather. Try to plan your project when it will warm and dry. We realize that in some areas that’s rare, but don’t plan your project during a notoriously humid or rainy season. For most of us, that means painting in the summer.
  • Time. Make sure you schedule enough time to finish the job. A professional crew can likely do an average house in 1-3 days depending on wood rot repair, priming, etc.
  • Materials. Review all the materials needed before you begin your project with your painting professional. Make sure they come to your home and estimate the job before they begin so they can evaluate the condition of the exterior. Be sure to ask what they supply and what they expect you to supply.

Clean House

The next step is cleaning the exterior of your home. At Yanover Painting in Alpharetta, GA, we use a power washer. Working from the top down, we make sure there’s some overlap in each stroke. You’ll be amazed by the results and paint sticks far better to a clean surface.

Touch It Up

Up next is taking care of imperfections. We remove loose or chipped paint, fill cracks and holes, and caulk trim. Each of these jobs requires specific tools and materials, so make sure they are included in your planning. Older homes need to be checked for lead paint.


Typically, we don’t need to prime your entire house unless you’re doing a major color change. But we do always cover stains and visible knots with a coat of primer, using a brush for the best results.

The final step before applying paint is protecting anything on your house that you don’t want to be covered or flecked with paint. You won’t regret the extra time and materials Yanover Painting takes to make your home look flawless.


Now it’s time for the paint. We recommend consulting a reputable paint store or one of our professional painters when choosing the paint, that’s best for your home. Take advantage of our experience when choosing both the type of paint and the color. A trained eye can tell you that the beige you chose will look pink on the whole house, or that you want eggshell instead of white.

We will paint your home’s exterior by using a sprayer, roller, brush, or combination of all three. You may only need one coat or potentially up to 3 coats. Our professionals will guide you on expectations and time-frame based on their evaluation.

When we’ve completed the body of the house, we paint the trim and are finished!

With proper planning, tools, and materials, you will not regret using a professional like Yanover Painting in Alpharetta, GA to complete your exterior repaint. It’s a big job with a lot of steps. Painting an exterior is not a DIY job, so hiring a professional will save you time and money.

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