Those that are wanting to refresh the look of their deck have quite a few options from renovating the entire thing to repainting to staining. Staining a deck is a great way to enhance the appearance of the wood and also goes a step further to help protect the wood itself from sun exposure. If you’re new to the world of deck staining, you may be wondering if it is a lot of upkeep and how often you need to give it attention. We’re here to answer all of those questions in this blog.

Factors for Staining Deck

Those that maintain their decks will find that they aren’t going to need to stain it as often as those who don’t. However, there are still several factors that play into the frequency such as the type of stain you use and how often you use your deck. In general, anything that puts more wear and tear on your deck could lead to more frequent staining. These are just some to consider:

  • Exposure to elements (snow, ice, rain, debris)
  • Exposure to direct sunlight.
  • Foot traffic that the deck sees.
  • Cleaning and maintenance in between stains.

It is usually recommended to stain your deck every two to three years if you have good deck upkeep habits. The horizontal surfaces can go through a decent amount of wear and tear over time which is why taking the time to stain your deck every couple of years is good practice.

Making Your Deck Last Longer

We’re all looking to make our home projects last and putting in the work upfront can also help your stain last longer on your deck.

First, you will want to start with a clean deck which means getting at all the dirt and debris with a pressure washer or at least a hose, scrubbing down the area, and then letting the wood fully dry.

Take the time to repair or fill in any cracks, holes, or splinters. Wood stain is very thin and won’t do much to help hide these blemishes.

Pick out the correct type of stain for your wood. Semi-transparent stains are able to sink into the wood more deeply than solid-colored stains and oil-based ones are known to last longer than water based.

Finally, make sure to protect your deck by setting up shade areas. Flat surfaces can easily fade due to the harsh sun so getting umbrellas or other forms of shade in place can help.

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