How Much Does Exterior Painting Cost? 

The state of your home’s exterior can say quite a lot about you; your taste, your personality, and more. Most people want their homes to look aesthetically pleasing at first glance. This means whatever décor you’re working on has to start from the outside first. A great way to change the look of your home is to put a fresh coat of paint on the exterior. We’ve come up with a guide to help you understand how Yanover Painting and Remodeling estimates the cost of your exterior paint job and provides an accurate quote.

How much does exterior painting cost? Let’s take a look –


Cost of Exterior Painting

The cost of having the exterior of your home painted is best determined based on the following factors: square footage, the condition of your exterior, labor and materials.

Different home structures also yield different pricing. For instance, a brick home may cost a different amount than a siding house; or a house that has multiple exterior materials. Are you looking to have just the trim painted? Does your home have multiple peaks and angles? All these variables factor into an exterior painting estimate. Conversely, exterior painting for a two-story building or home will typically be higher than a flat roof building or one-story home.

Exterior painting cost also entails the price of paint. You certainly want the paint contractor to use high-quality yet affordable paint for your house. Yanover Painting and Remodeling will guide you in choosing the best paint for the exterior of your home and will include the price of paint in your exterior painting quote. Additionally, there are labor costs. Some professionals charge per hour rate, while others charge based on the full job. Others charge per square foot with labor factored in. Yanover Painting and Remodeling will include labor cost in the quote for your exterior paint job along with materials needed.

You could certainly paint your house yourself, but a professional paint contractor is likely to have more expertise here.

How to Estimate the Cost of Exterior Painting


Square Footage

Measuring the perimeter of your home and multiplying it by the height gives you an accurate size.


Estimate for Paint Cost

A house of 1,500 sq. ft. requires about 10 gallons of paint. On the other hand, a 4,000 sq. ft. house would take about 25 gallons of paint. The price of paint will be included in your exterior paint quote.


Materials such as caulking, tape, and primer will be provided by your painting contractor and will be included in your labor and materials estimate.


Some contractors will give a breakdown of labor costs. A regular estimate is based on working hours, days, and crew cost. It could also come as a direct project cost.


Final Calculation

Yanover Painting and Remodeling will present your final estimate summing up all the costs: the cost of labor, materials cost, etc. Remember to keep an open mind for unplanned costs such as wood repair! Only a professional can tell you what the cost will be.

Yanover Painting & Remodeling  will take your exterior paint job to another level. With a team of equipped professionals licensed to take any paint jobs, you can rest assured of high-quality service in all your work with us.

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