How Long Will My House’s New Paint Job Last?

Painting your house is a large investment of both money and time. So, asking the question “How long should a house paint job last” is undoubtedly reasonable. Choosing a quality painting contractor such as Yanover Painting in Johns Creek, GA will ensure your paint project is executed to last.

The simple and easy answer to this question contains the following points:

  • The exterior paint generally lasts for about five to seven years
  • The interior paint job lasts about ten years.


How Long Should a House Paint Job Last?

The longevity and lifespan of your paint job depend upon a range of factors such as:

  • Quality of the paint
  • Surrounding environment
  • Professionalism and preparation for the paint job

Let’s discuss these factors in detail.

Quality of the Paint

Yanover Painting agrees there are a lot of different types of paints in the market and it can be overwhelming. It’s important to choose the right paint for a certain project based on longevity and durability and Yanover will guide you in that process. Water-based paints are best for exterior and interior walls that are exposed to elements and moisture. Oil-based paints work well on trim because trim can take scruffs and bumps over time.

You’ll also need to make sure that you choose the right color for your paint. If you choose a dark color for your exterior, it’ll absorb more heat and fade early. Choosing a light color will scuff and blemish more prominently as compared to the dark colors. In both cases, the lifespan of your new paint job will be shorter. Choosing a paint company like Yanover Painting in Johns Creek, GA will ensure quality paint at any affordable price that will be applied to last.


Surrounding Environment

Your house’s new paint job heavily depends upon the surrounding environment. The interior paint will fade and wear down in the places with high traffic (stairs, playroom) a lot faster as compared to less-used areas. Additionally, the paint job in the areas will fade quicker where there is a lot of moisture and water, such as the kitchen and bathrooms. These places most probably will have issues such as chipping paint and peeling.

As far as the exterior paints are concerned, they are formulated to be more durable and stronger. But because of the harsh weather conditions, they fade quicker than you anticipate.

Yanover Painting will choose the best exterior paint for the climate of Johns Creek, GA and advise you on the best interior paint for high-traffic areas of your home.

Professionalism and Preparation for the Paint Job

The lifespan of your paint job also heavily depends upon the preparation Yanover Painting does before the project. Preparing the exterior or interior surface properly is critical and plays an important role in keeping the paint job intact for a longer time. Yanover Painting makes preparing the surface part of their standard process. From caulking, repairing nail holes/cracks, to pressure washing and replacing wood rot, all will make sure the paint job is flawless when complete. This helps interior and exterior paint will last for a longer time.


Of course you can’t control the surrounding environment, especially for the exterior paint job. But, you can make sure to choose a quality paint company like Yanover Painting in Johns Creek, GA. Yanover will help you choose quality paint and make sure everything is prepared professionally to allow your paint job to last for the years to come.

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