Most professionals will say it takes around three to four days on average to finish painting your average home. However, many factors can impact how long it takes to complete an entire exterior painting of a home. For example, larger homes would need more time to finish than a smaller home. Continue reading to learn more about the factors that affect your timeline for when you can expect your exterior painting crew to finish up your work.


Bad weather is not helpful when it comes to painting. Your painting contractor will want to pick the right time to start which means days that are too rainy or humid aren’t ideal. Weather can set you back a few days, but it is best to wait until your house is dry and the weather outside is milder.

Size of Crew

Larger crews are able to get painting done faster because there are more hands to go around. Typically you’ll see a team of two to four people out on each job but this can be more or less depending on how many projects a company is juggling and the size of their projects.

Size of Home

It goes without saying that the larger your house is, the longer it will take to complete the exterior painting. This is because it takes more time and effort to prep a larger house as well as more space to cover. An average house is usually one with one or two stories that has less than four bedrooms and that is what most people will estimate taking three to four days to complete. Large homes may take up to a week.

Condition of Home

An older home may require some fixing up before it is able to be painted over. If there is rotting wood or siding that is coming apart, it is always in your best interest to get this fixed beforehand. Some paint companies will be able to point you in the right direction and others will be able to help you with your repairs.

Timeline for Exterior House Painting

The general timeline for painting your house will start with cleaning and preparing the home. This includes removing any loose paint, getting rid of mildew or dirt, and pressure washing the house. The actual painting process comes after and usually takes about two or three days including the time it takes to clean up the project site.

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