How Do Professionals Paint a Ceiling?

A building should not only be structurally sound but should also be aesthetically pleasing. Nothing does that more than a fresh coat of paint.  This goes for every part of the house, from the walls to the trims, and the ceiling. For this post, we’ll be focusing on indoor painting, how to paint a ceiling in particular. 


Painting a ceiling is a relatively simple home improvement act that can take the house to a new level. Ceilings are often painted white so it adds a subtle yet important dimension to the overall look of the home. You might think painting a ceiling is as simple as slapping a paintbrush or rolling one all over the ceiling. You’d be surprised at how much work goes into this.  The elevation of the ceiling and having to raise your neck for several long minutes at a time make this a daunting task.  


Professional painters always try to do all forms of indoor painting in the most efficient and timely manner.  Below is an overview of professional painters’ process of how to paint a ceiling.

Step 1: Gathering the Tools

Unlike you, who would probably make do with an old roller or flat brush, a professional would make more considerations before choosing their painting equipment.

Generally, here are a few basic tools for painting a ceiling –

    • Paint (flat ceiling paint or even regular flat interior latex paint)
    • Primer
    • Drop cloths
    • Paint Roller
    • Paint sprayer
    • Putting knife
    • Safety glasses
    • Paint roller tray
    • Paint edging tool
    • Tape
    • Extension pole
    • Latex gloves
    • Ladder
    • Rags

Here’s one expert tip – Professional painters often go for large rollers to speed things up. Remember looking upwards for too long isn’t great on the neck muscles. Typically, they’d go for an 18-inch roller here.

Step 2 – Preparation

Inadequate preparation before painting would significantly impact the result. They’d start with a full inspection and cleaning before painting.

This also involves getting the room ready.

Drop cloths are very important to cover all your furniture and also the floor. It will save you time from cleaning and also prevent damages to properties.

A professional painter wouldn’t want your home to get messed up just because they’re painting your ceiling. They’ll ensure everything is properly covered.

Step 3 – Priming the Ceiling

With a brush, a coat of interior latex paint primer can easily be applied. You can make use of an extension pole to reach the ceiling.

No professional painter would skip this step. It’s the perfect stain barrier and would often cut out the need for a second coat of paint.

Step 4 – Cutting in around the edges

Bet you didn’t know about this one. An amateur would likely roll paint all around the ceiling without considering the cove or edges where it meets with the wall.

Not the pros. They’ve got a method of doing this.

Firstly, they make sure to cut in BEFORE rolling. This ensures that brush marks are adequately covered.

To do this, the paint is brushed along the edge of the ceiling. They may just cut in a bit of the ceiling and roll that area before moving on to the next side. However, that section must be rolled with paint while the cut-line is still wet.

There is another option here. They may use a smaller (about 9-inch) roller that rolls over the edges. This comes with lint on the edge of the roller to make painting the edges as efficient as possible.

Step 5 – Painting

Now, this is why you’re here, to learn how the professionals paint a ceiling. Here’s the thing, it’s all about angles and perspectives.

A seasoned painter would likely consider the position of the doors and windows first. This helps to figure out how the entrance of natural light would affect the look of the paint.

They’d paint against the light of the room, so a person entering the room wouldn’t see the lap marks on the ceiling.

It’s also better to roll the paint out in small sections than just randomly painting the ceiling. If the ceiling needs a second coat, they’d wait for the first coat to dry before applying it.

Ultimately, this is delicate work that should be done by professionals. Consider putting one on the job.

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