can of paint to be used for an exterior house repaintYour home is one of your biggest investments—and one of the only investments that the rest of the world can see! Whether you want to do an exterior house repaint for a nicer look or you’re selling and want to make a great first impression, you should know when your home is due for a makeover.

It Goes Beyond Curb Appeal: Why You Should Consider an Exterior House Repaint

Even if the design or look of your home isn’t high on your priority list, upgrading the exterior of your home can go a long way toward boosting its curb appeal, increasing your home’s value and giving it the protection it needs from rain and sun.

Depending on the size of your home, it might cost around $1,500 to paint, but it would add about $2,200 in value. So if you’re thinking about selling your home, it can definitely be worth the investment to get it painted.

Beyond that, your home’s exterior paint protects its structure from rain, sun, wind, and other elements. So even if you don’t plan on selling your home anytime soon, keeping up with maintenance is essential for ensuring that your home remains in good condition for years to come.

How to Know When It’s Time for an Exterior House Repaint

When you start to notice the following signs, it’s time to call in a painting contractor:

1. Paint Chipping or Cracking

Chipped or cracked paint can result in water damage and invite pests into your home. Make sure to check all of the walls of your exterior, including windowsills and doorsills.

2. Paint Color Fading

The sun’s UV rays can cause paint to fade over time. If the color of your home’s exterior is starting to look dull and lifeless, it’s likely due to fading—and a new coat of paint is needed to fix it.

3. Water Damage or Other External Damage

Water damage can cause paint to flake or blister. Other external damage such as dirt and dust accumulation, mold, and mildew growth can also harm your home’s exterior paint job.

4 Tips for a Perfect Exterior House Repaint

Choose the Right Color

You’ll want to consider four things while choosing your paint color:

  1. How the color matches the design of your home
  2. If the color coordinates with the surrounding landscape
  3. Whether it will throw off future buyers
  4. What your neighborhood aesthetic is like

If you live in an area where tropical or bright colors are the norm, have fun with it! But if you want to ensure that anyone can buy your home in the future, go neutral. And follow the 60–30–10 rule: 1 color for 60% of your home (the body), another color for 30% of your home (the garage door or doors), and a neutral color for the remaining 10% (the trim).

Find the Right Contractor

Ask around for referrals from friends and family, and check online reviews before hiring a contractor to make sure they’re reputable and experienced. A good paint contractor will be fully licensed and insured, as well as offer some kind of warranty.

Prepare Your Home First

Before you get started with the painting, there are a few tasks that need to be done first. Remove any damaged or loose paint, make repairs to cracks in the wall, and clean the surface thoroughly before painting. Check with your contractor to decide who will be responsible for this prep.

Be Prepared for Touch-Ups

After an exterior house repaint, touch-ups might be needed from time to time. It’s important to stay on top of maintenance and touch-ups so that you can enjoy the look and protection that a new paint job offers for many years to come. Keep leftover paint and take a picture of the colors you choose so you can use them for future reference.

Love Your Home With Yanover Construction

Our homes are some of our most important possessions, which is why we treat them with the care and attention they deserve. At Yanover Construction, we offer a wide range of exterior house repaint services for homes throughout the Atlanta, GA area.

Whether you need to repaint your entire home or just touch up some minor damage, we have the tools and knowledge needed to get the job done right. And with our warranties and affordable financing, you can feel confident investing in your home’s exterior with us. Schedule an appointment with one of our technicians to get started!