Nothing makes an old home look new than a fresh coat of paint. This can completely transform the look of your home and help you fall in love with your house all over again. There’s a lot to manage in the paint process from the picking out the paint color to narrowing down a date to get started. No matter how busy you get during this process, make sure you stick to these important house painting rules to ensure your paint process is smooth and the final product lasts.

Prepare Properly

Even the best painter will end up with a poor job if they don’t prepare properly. This is because there is more to painting a house to brushing on your coats of color. You need to make sure the surface is ready for the paint to adhere to. This means you need to take the time to clean and dry the area whether this looks like scrubbing it down with water or pressure washing the wood.

Clear the area of any dirt and debris and also take the time to repair any parts that are rotting, cracking, or just too old. This will make sure your home is in the right shape for new paint. In addition, sanding down the surface of any place that is being painted over will take you a long way.

Watch the Weather

You will want to wait for the best conditions to schedule your painting day. Professionals will know what works best. Days that are too hot or too cold aren’t helpful for painting and could cause more mistakes to be made. If it’s too cold, the paint will take longer to dry, which opens up opportunity for it to get ruined. Too hot and the paint will dry before crews have a chance to go over the house thoroughly. Any days that are too windy or wet should also be avoided to keep your paint from bubbling or being covered in dirt and debris.

Apply Multiple Coats

This is something that most people are aware of. We are used to applying multiple coats on anything painting related whether it is polish on our nails or watercolors on a paint by numbers coloring page. The same goes for the paint that we apply on our house. Multiple coats are recommended for new coats as well as major color changes. This helps ensure that the color looks great once it has dried. Make sure to start with a coat of primer to get a high-quality finish.

Schedule Early

Get your painting day scheduled in advance. You don’t want to spend all of your time preparing just to find out your preferred painter is booked for the next few months. Peak painting season is especially busy, and you may be surprised to find that everyone else has painting plans in mind too. The best way to avoid these frustrations is to book early.

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