Great Colors for Kitchen Cabinets

There’s a lot that goes into the aesthetic and theme of a kitchen. You’ve got your chairs, lights, windows, countertops, stoves, and of course the kitchen cabinets. While picking the right style of furniture is essential – so is choosing the right color. That’s why we’re here to talk about some great colors for kitchen cabinets.

The great thing about kitchen cabinet paint colors is that they say a lot. The tricky thing? There are way too many to choose from! Sure, you can just say I want white cabinets, but are you talking about pure white, eggshell white, or off white?

Do you see where we’re going with this? Don’t worry too much, though. Another great thing about what color to paint kitchen cabinets is that you can always change them. So, if you’re looking for a change, here are our top picks.

Crisp White

When it comes to shades of white, you can never go wrong with crisp white. This is the shade that comes to mind when you think about the whitest of whites – and it works with all kinds of kitchen decors.

White kitchen cabinets can make the room look more open and airier. Simultaneously, they don’t demand too much attention, so you can include statement pieces and splashes of color in the kitchen.

Crisp white is also an excellent color to incorporate if you plan on including a lot of plants and greenery in your kitchen.

Dark Grey

If you’re looking for timeless aesthetic, dark gray cabinets are a safe and stylish bet. These neutral-colored cabinets also work with a lot of different color combinations. Got a gold or marble countertop? Dark gray cabinets are the way to go!

Usually, people shy away from dark kitchen cabinet paint colors because they tend to be scary and intimidating. However, dark gray kitchen cabinets give you room to play around with lighter colors elsewhere, such as with your tools, sinks, or even small pieces of décor.

Deep Blue

We’ve talked about white and gray, which are conventional kitchen cabinet paint colors. However, if you’re looking to do something bold, then a deep blue is the way to go. Deep blue kitchen cabinets make a statement and also add a bit of warmth to your kitchen.

Kitchen cabinets of this color work the best with warm-toned accents, such as gold and copper. Picking a bold color like this can be tricky because you want to get just the right shade.

Sage Green

The last color on our list is a beautiful sage green. This luxurious color is commonplace in more traditional kitchens but is slowly on the rise in more modern homes.

This shade of green is light enough to not attract too much attention yet provides a beautiful hint of color to your kitchen. You can pair it up with both bright colors and darker tones.

Summing Up

If you’re wondering what color to paint kitchen cabinets, hopefully this gave you some ideas. Choosing the right kitchen cabinet paint colors can be tricky, but it’s never permanent, so you don’t have to be too scared. What’s trickier is choosing the right painting service. Luckily, Yanover Painting is available for all your painting needs and can ensure a job well done.

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