Great Bedroom Colors for 2021

We spend so much time in our bedrooms. It’s the first place we see when we wake up and where we return to when the day is over. That said, the design should be one that keeps the body relaxed and the mind at ease. The end of 2020 was deeply anticipated even without a guarantee that 2021 was going to be any better.  But no matter what the future has in store for us, it’s not a bad idea to remain optimistic and check out some of the trends in the world of interior décor and indoor painting.

Beyond the perfect bed and soft beddings, indoor painting plays a huge role in the décor.

We must figure out how different bedroom colors affect our emotional state so that we can choose the most suitable color for our master bedroom. One that combines calm hues and a pop of color to compliment the lighting, furniture, and décor in our bedroom.

The list below is a great place to start –

Light Grey

There are only two words to describe these bedroom colors: PALE PERFECTION. This shade of grey is catching on and it’s easy to see why. It conveys a very edgy, modern, and soothing feeling all while also being lively and energetic. This soothing color also emphasizes other details in the room.

Royal Purple

This mesmerizing color, very similar to eggplant purple but with a dramatic twist, brings out the personality of a room, giving it a rich, powerful yet contemporary look. It’s perfect for rooms that are poorly lit as it can stand out on its own regardless of light intensity.

When expertly combined with touches of metallic shine, these perfectly saturated bedroom colors makes a room look expensive and sophisticated without being too flashy.

Rose Pink

This sweet shade of pink likened to the color of a flamingo, is often associated with babies, although when handled expertly can channel very intimate and passionate adult energy. It represents tenderness, kindness, and has a calming effect. It goes well with white or gold and looks exquisite in a room with light furniture and makes for a fantastic mix of relaxing bedroom colors.


When it comes to royalty, sophistication, power, and wealth, no other color represents it as well as the almighty gold. It gives instant style and luxury. This color is best applied in small doses as an accent because when applied excessively can be too sharp and dramatic. It goes well with shades of yellow, especially in a room with formal features.

Light Green

Light green is a unique color that springs with natural vitality. Perhaps due to its association with all things natural and organic, it’s also incredibly versatile.

As delicate as a leaf, this subtle shade is interesting, refreshing, and restful. With certain shades of ivory or brown and a couple of wooden fixtures, you’ll get an

instant tropical resort look. Here’s to going green!


For the minimalist out there, it doesn’t get any better than white to create a clean, sophisticated room. Without leaving it bare or stark white, you can still project your style. Choose the correct accent pieces and furniture or lighting that can bring some warmth into the room.

Bedroom colors come and go, so you must not conform to trends to have a beautiful bedroom, especially in these trying times. The trick is to blend color combinations that are pleasing with a positive impact on your mood.

Choosing the perfect combination is a step in the right direction. Finding the right shade for indoor painting the right way will get you to your destination.

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