When it comes to the look of our home’s exterior, we all want to put our best foot forward. Not only is a nicely painted exterior a comforting look to come home to, it also makes our houses look presentable to guests and those who live around. In addition, those that are looking to sell their home in the future will also find that repainting a house is one of the easiest ways to increase value and boost curb appeal.

Why Does Exterior Painting Improve Curb Appeal?

Paint does a great job of refreshing the look of your home. The exterior is the first part of your home that anyone is exposed to whether they are seeing it person or browsing online. We only have one chance at a first impression which is why a new coat is ideal for creating the perfect atmosphere for someone to fall in love with your house.

A good choice in paint and a great painting contractor is all it takes to improve curb appeal. Paint has a way of accentuating the best features on our home and create an aesthetic that fits our personality and our preferences

Exterior Painting Ideas

Here are some of our tips when it comes to picking out exterior paint colors.

Don’t Go Overboard

One recommendation we make to homeowners is to stick with three paint colors. This is enough to create a interesting home while still looking cohesive. A great rule to go with the balance this out is the 60-30-10 percentage rule which reflects how you’ll divide up the colors. Have 60 percent of the main color on the body of your home, 30 percent on the doors and trims, and keep 10 percent of your accent paint on the front door and any windows.

Keep It Simple

Oftentimes the colors that end up looking the best on our homes aren’t going to be the most bold or unexpected. A good neutral is a classic look that keeps our home looking clean and modern. Having a simple exterior also gives you lots of room to embellish. You have an entire range of options with picking out hardware because it’ll all match your home’s color well. You also have more freedom with landscape design, hardscape design, and even decorations for the holidays since you won’t have to put much thought into clashing colors.

Use a Paint Visualizer

Colors can appear differently on paint chip samples than they would on our house depending on where it’s located and how the sunlight reflects the color. Before you commit to buckets of paint, test out your option using a paint visualizer. These tools allow you to upload photos of your home and compare what different colors may look like. This is a great way to experiment with endless color ideas before spending the money.

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