Putting the finishing touches on your interior painting job is a satisfying feeling. But, did you know that there is also a need to consider your selection on paint finishes? Different finishes result in a different look and are factors in how much light is reflected off your paint’s surface. There are also different finishes recommended for various areas of the home that depend on how easy it is maintain the look. We go over the different types of paint finish options for your interior walls.

High Gloss

This is the most durable and easiest to maintain of all paint finishes. It is a very shiny and reflective finish that is hard and ultra-durable. It can be too much shine for any interior walls so keep this finish to surfaces that will be touched often or dirtied easily like cabinets, doors, or trim. It can also be used on your home’s exterior, such as shutters, and is durable to the climate in the metro Atlanta area.


This is a glossier finish that is very durable. They are reflective and shiny as well as a great option for high traffic areas like kitchens and bathrooms. This finish is mildew-resistant, so it is perfect for zones of the home where you expect steam or water to get around. A shinier finish is more likely to reveal any wall imperfections so keep this in mind when painting.


Most paint finishes will come in satin, and this is because it is the best of both worlds between having something that glows a bit while still being easy to clean. Satin finishes have a velvety sheen but more durable than eggshell or matte finishes. Just be aware that this leads to more room to reveal any errors in brush strokes and painting.


This is a popular paint finish choice because it offers a nice, delicate sheen while also covering up any bumps and scuffs. It was appropriately named because of the slight luster it has while still remaining flat just like an eggshell. It isn’t as durable as higher gloss finishes so it is best to use this in rooms like dining rooms, living rooms, or entryways.


Also called flat paints, these finishes have little to no shine. They are the most pigmented of the bunch which leads to more coverage and less time and money spent on painting. This is a good option for walls with imperfections because it can hide dents and scratches better than other paint finishes. They can be tough to clean and aren’t as durable, so it is recommended for rooms with lower traffic and surfaces that won’t constantly be touched.

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