When painting a house, professionals will tell you to pick out three color components that will complete the scheme of the home’s exterior. These will make up the base, the trim, and the accents of the home. Accents are details of the house that include the front door or shutters, and is one of the places where you are able to play around with color and be creative with your choices.

Why Is Shutter Color Important?

Shutters are an aspect of the home that accent and serve as a finishing touch to a home’s design. It gives the homeowner a chance to add their personality to their house and, when done right, increase the curb appeal of the home. Choosing the perfect shutter color to complement the rest of the house helps it stand out and look great for many years.



Sunlight can alter the appearance of your shutter colors. It could make them brighter, lighter, or faded with time. Pick out paint samples and hold them up outside where the sun is able to show you exactly how the color will appear.

Exterior Style

If your home’s design is based off a specific style of house, you can research the type of shutter colors that would look good with it. Victorian-style homes look better with deeper colors while modern homes can handle bold and bright colors.

Window Trim

Window trim is one of the three components of a home’s color scheme. It outlines the windows and the base of the home. Most homes come with white trim, but there are different color options. If you are not planning on redoing the trim, pick a shutter color that will match it well.


Your neighborhood may already have a specific style or color scheme throughout. You may want to choose to go with a similar color choice as the rest of homes to stay consistent. Or, you may choose something that stands out. Make sure to check with your HOA before making a final choice, and keep in mind the resale value of your home.

Color Combination Ideas

White Houses

White houses can handle more contrast because you are working with a clean slate. A dark grey or black color makes your shutters pop. Natural wood tones or light colors can add a rustic softness to the home.

Red Houses

Red brick houses look great with beige shutters, and it is a color combination that has been classic for centuries. If you are wanting to go dark, try a basic black.

Beige Houses

Beige houses already look cozy, and this effect can be enhanced with rich reds and earthy browns. Dark colors work well too. It is best to avoid white, especially if your trim is white, as this can make the home look smaller.

Looking for Some Professional Advice?

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