Our home’s exterior is not immune to wear and tear. Even the best paint jobs can meet their match when they come at odds with the environment. Plenty of sun, storms, and severe weather can do a number on our houses, causing paint to fade, peel, or chip. When this happens, you don’t always need to repaint the entire house and can focus on touching up certain areas instead.

Factors to Focus On

There are several things to consider before touching up your house. If your home is damaged by heavy storms or excessive weather and there are obvious needs for repair or retouching, that’s an easy decision to make.

However, what about other cases? Well, the type of material your home is made of can also give you insight on when to touch it up. For example, wood siding is usually the most vulnerable to the elements which means you may look into touch-ups more often. Brick, however, is relatively sturdy and can be left alone for a decade without needing much upkeep.

Touching Up Paint on Your Home

When it comes to touching up paint, an annual check over the state of your home is the place to start. Take time to inspect areas of the exterior to see if any spots are looking worse for wear. Paint that is lower on your home may be quick for you to fix up but if you’re nervous about tackling any spots that require climbing, ask a professional to come in to help you out. It’s also good to mention that many professional painters stand behind their work. If you’ve noticed areas that aren’t wearing well and you recently got your home painted, they may be willing to come in to patch it up without cost.

The best time to touch-up paint is during the warmer months. Homes that are still under warranty can reach out to their painter. Otherwise, the process consists of sanding, priming, and repainting.

You can bring a chip to your local hardware to get it matched. Once you have your paint, thoroughly clean the area, sand down the surface, apply primer, and then completely coat the surface from edge to edge in paint.

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