Can You Paint Over Stained Wood Fence? 

Updating the wood aspects of our home can come with some questions. It is one thing to update some cabinets with a bit of sanding and new coats of paint but what about the long line of fence in our backyards? Wooden fences can weather a lot of wear and tear over the years especially when faced with the changing seasons, pets, kids, and other daily happenings.  

Paint is a simple fix and much more manageable than having to constantly re-stain or reseal. If you’re worried about the current stain on your fence, you can rest easy know that, yes, you can paint over a stain. With the proper preparation in place, your fence will be transformed in no time. 

Prepping Your Fence 

To get your fence ready for your paint project, you’ll want to begin by cleaning the surface of the wood. There are some products on the market that are safe for your fence and for the plants in your yard. Then, a bit of scrubbing will help you get the rest of the dirt off. If you’re looking for a quicker way to clean, you can always rent a pressure washer. 

Next, remove any miscellaneous objects like nails, door handles, or locks. This is also a good time to fill in any holes that the fence may have collected over the years. You can use spackle to create a smooth finish.   

If you have the time and patience, going through your wooden boards with sandpaper never hurts. Sanding is usually recommended when it comes to repainting wood but it’s understandable in this case why that would be difficult.  

Fence Painting Weather

The most convenient part about painting is that it can be done as long as rain isn’t on the forecast. When you’re ready to get started, start with a coat of oil-based primer. This will extend the longevity of your wood by protecting the wood surface.

Choose a quality, oil-based paint for your fence. Since this is something at your home that will endure harsh weather, animal visits, and other events, using an oil-based paint will ensure that the results last longer.

When you begin painting, you can use foam rollers to help get the job done quicker. Make sure to apply multiple coats and to leave time for drying in between.

Ask for a Professional’s Help, Instead

Not everyone has the time, energy, or patience to repaint an entire fence. Rather than pushing this task further down on your to-do list, make it easier for yourself by getting a painting professional involved.

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