Gray house with red front door.

Dark exteriors come with their own benefits such as providing contrast or hiding certain elements of our homes. However, darker exteriors also come with their fair share of work and upkeep, and you may be considering a change of color to brighten your home. If you’ve got some worries about the process of painting over dark colors, we’re here to walk you through it.

Proper Prep

One of the major concerns of painting over a darker color is that it will still show through if the replacement color you choose is lighter. This is a common problem that many face with light blue walls looking a slight tint of purple because of the dark red color of the layer underneath.

The key to tackling this is to get the right preparation in before your painting professional layers on a newly chosen color.

Invest in Good Equipment

Yanover Construction will use quality painting equipment that will cover up dark colors. Remember that the rougher your surface is, the thicker your nap should be. This will help you get into all of the crevices of a bumpier texture. Stick with higher end products and avoid anything in the bargain bin.

Painting with Primer

Primer is key when it comes to getting a job well done. Primer is used to cover up old paint and will help the new paint stick well to the surface. If you are going from a darker color to a lighter color, it is best to use a white primer and if you are going the opposite way, Yanover Construction will use a gray primer.

Just like any supplies, the primer should be high quality. These are the primers that will contain more binders and pigments to help you completely cover the current color.

It is best practice to paint an “M” or “W” shape and make sure to remove any excess primer from your roller. This will help keep the surface looking smooth. While one coat of primer can be sufficient, it is best to go with at least two coats. This gives your new paint an extra layer of buffer from the old color.

Finally, the primer will need to be completely dry before moving on to the desired paint color. Paint needs to dry in layers and the same goes for primers. Allowing for breaks in between is one of the best ways to ensure each layer is holding its own.

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