Benefits of Pressure Washing Before Exterior Paint

Pressure washing is one of the most effective ways of cleaning away all traces of dirt on a surface. It uses a high propulsion stream of water that targets the surface and can be adjusted based on what is being cleaned. Pressure washing is probably most well-known from viral videos showing drastic before and after pressure wash changes.

Chances are you’ve already started to wonder whether this would be a good method for giving your house’s exterior a deep-clean before being painted. There are many benefits that come with pressure washing your house before an exterior paint. They not only make the painting process smoother but also lead to better long-term outcome and overall look to your house.

Reach Hard to Access Spots

Pressure washers get into crevices and higher places on your house that would be difficult for a garden hose to access. Rather than climbing up onto a ladder yourself, a pressure washer has enough power and reach to get into tricky places.


Remove Loose Paint & Debris

The main purpose of cleaning a house before an exterior paint is to ensure that the paint can go on as smoothly as possible. Any loose dirt, spider webs, or even old, peeling paint must go if you want an effective paint job. This makes it easier for the painters too, who can scrape and prime any areas you’ve cleaned off.

Clean Deep-down Stains

The pressure washer has a lot of flexibility in its settings. This means you can use high-pressure settings to really tackle deep-down dirt that your first round of rinsing couldn’t get. You can alternate using different pressures and spot-checking your house as needed.

House Maintenance
When you give your home a good deep clean, you’re giving each section of it a good once over. This helps you notice any other things you may need to fix. Oftentimes, you also have the option to spray with cleaning solution or bleach in cases of mildew. This will contribute to the overall upkeep of your home.

Long-lasting Results

Homes that get a pressure wash before being painted end up with a longer lasting paint job. This is because pressure washing cleans the surface well enough for paint to really stick to the house. These paint jobs could last half a decade longer than if you didn’t pressure wash.

The Professionals Can Handle It

Anything extra to keep in mind with pressure washing is something all painting professionals, like those at Yanover Painting, are aware of. We know exactly when your house can be worked on as well the best quality paint to use.

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